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Do you have a good dog, but….?  Do you struggle daily with your dog’s behavior?  Are you afraid to invite guests over to your home?  Have you said more than once that your dog’s behavior drives you up the wall? Do you have a new puppy and are unsure of where to start?  Are you looking for a way to enhance your relationship and help your dog turn a new leaf?  Do you want to communicate more clearly, improve your obedience and address unwanted issues?  Are you in need of having fun with your dog?

K9 Guidance to Inclusion is here to help you and your dog succeed!

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If any of these behaviors seem all too familiar, schedule your evaluation today:

  • Pulling, lunging and/or barking on leash
  • No attention or focus on you
  • Aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or animals
  • Barking at the door
  • Jumping on you or your guests
  • Chewing up your things
  • Digging in the yard or your garden
  • Bolting out of the door
  • Runs away and won’t come back when called
  • Afraid of new places, people or objects
  • Excessive energy or hyperactivity, just can’t settle down
  • And many other behaviors you need fixed!

If you are looking for your dog to behave in a manner such as this, schedule your evaluation today:

  • Calm and relaxed in and out of the home
  • Attentive and focused on you
  • Walks without pulling on the leash
  • Responsive in heavily distracting areas
  • Polite when guests come over or people approach
  • Non-destructive in the home
  • Can trust off leash, even with distractions
  • Will come back to you when you call
  • Confident in new places and around new people
  • Happy to be with you no matter the situation
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