In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas


K9 Guidance To Inclusion believes heavily in continued education, whether as a professional in the animal field or as an owner of a dog.  Because of this, we work hard to bring some of the most talented minds in the dog training profession to the Tucson area to educate.  By offering a wide variety of subjects to learn, from understanding and solving behavioral issues, canine first aid, obedience, canine conditioning, and so much more, we can help reach the largest audience possible.  This allows us to promote and encourage the most effective, humane and efficient work with dogs possible.

We hope you will join us on one or more occasions to experience the knowledge and fun shared during these events!

Some of the experts we have hosted in the past:
  • Mark McCabe (Training Between The Ears)
  • Jason Vasconi (Transform My Dog)
  • Chad Mackin (Pack 2 Basics)
  • Sarah Dixon (Instinct Dog Training)
  • Duke Ferguson (Unleashed Potential)
  • Nelson Hodges (Canine Content)
  • Jay Jack (Next Level Dogs)
  • Debby Kay (Super Sniffers Diabetic Alert Dog Training)

Upcoming Seminars: