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Our focus is on our Board and Train services for the Tucson area.  We believe that with the right setting we can create or recondition a different state of mind for your dog.  This state of mind will help your dog thrive when returning to your home environment which holds associations of past negative behavior and ill-manners.  By allowing our board and train system to work, we help the dog start from a blank slate and recreate a different frame of mind. This will enable your dog to gain new, positive behaviors and practice them in an environment that is conducive to continually building and rewarding those good behaviors, while addressing and removing the previous negative behaviors as they appear. Once your dog has gained success with our training protocols, we reintroduce you and start guiding you into success with our hands-on approach. We make sure that you understand the journey your dog has taken and make you a part of that process.  By the time your dog is ready to return home, the comfort level you will feel handling your dog will be as if you trained him yourself!

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Our training is focused on the sole basis of creating real-world scenarios to provide an environment in which your dog can succeed in the long haul. We work heavily with you, the owner, to make you just as successful in the training as your dog will be. We provide you with all of the information, hands-on training and knowledge that you can handle to give you the “who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s” behind everything our trainers do. This is critical for the long term success of your dog’s training, so you can maintain the good behaviors throughout your dog’s lifetime.


We offer customized training programs, designed with you and your dog’s success in mind!

  • Our *NEW* Puppy Fast Track program is a 2 week board and train that focuses on the things you struggle with most when it comes to your puppy; potty training, teaching your puppy to potty on command, getting your puppy to LOVE their crate, creating a solid schedule, working on relaxation techniques and teaching calm behavior, polite loose leash walking, waiting before rushing out of doors, coming when called and so much more!

    This program gives you the ability to enjoy your puppy without the stress of trying to deal with these naughty behaviors on your own! Let us help you get your puppy on the Fast Track to success!




  • Our results based, all-inclusive board and train program will allow your dog to master on-leash obedience training, work through any specific behavior issues you are worried about, socialize with multiple other dogs and people, obtain reliability with training in public areas, gain confidence and learn how to relax on command.  You will receive multiple transition lessons to work with your dog prior to them returning home so you are both comfortable working with one another.  You will also receive as many follow-up sessions as needed once your dog returns home from training.  All training equipment is included, so your dog will have everything they need to stay successful.