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Dog Training

Dog Training Classes Tucson, AZ

Evaluation Dog Training Evaluations Tucson, AZ
Evaluations are the first step in our training process and will run approximately 1 hour in length.  During this time we will discuss your dog’s behaviors in depth; what issues you are experiencing, how you are handling the behaviors, what triggers the behaviors, etc. Your dog’s behavior will be under observation so we can best recommend a training plan.


Board and TrainBoard and Train Tucson, AZ

Our results-based board and trains cover a range of training objectives and behavior issues that focus on reconditioning the state of mind your dog lives in. This allows the dog to accept and retain new information, as well as shed the previous, unwanted behavior(s).


Private LessonsGermand Shepherd & Husky Dog Training Tucson, AZ

Our private lesson program allows you the freedom to customize your dog’s training program to your individual needs and your schedule.  With flexible dates and times, we work with you one-on-one to teach you and your dog better communication skills and how to build and grow a strong relationship with appropriate behaviors.


K9 Continued Education Classes

Any previous or current client of K9GTI is welcomed and encouraged to join us in our weekly K9CE classes.  Each class is designed to push handlers and their dogs to new levels of trust and reliability in everyday, real world settings. These classes will be held at a variety of locations for authenticity and will be great practice for both of you!


The K9CE classes are on a drop-in basis, meaning you can come as much or as little as you want as long as you have gone through one of our training courses.