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Private Lessons

Private Dog Training Lessons for Tucson AZ

Private Obedience Lessons

Our private lesson packages allow you the freedom to customize your dog’s training program to your individual needs and your schedule. With flexible dates and times, we work with you one-on-one to teach you and your dog better communication skills and how to build and grow a strong relationship with appropriate behaviors.

6 Lesson Package – working towards on leash reliability, perfecting your dogs learning of: sit, down, place, come, “look”, loose leash walking and focused heeling, while working on low to mid level distractions.  All training equipment is included.

10 Lesson Package – working towards off leash reliability, transitioning to taking the leash off to enjoy more freedom. Equipment is not included.


Focusing on the Fix

Our Focusing on the Fix program targets many specific issues where your dog has become no longer enjoyable. This program focuses our training to zero-in on specific behaviors and changing the mindset of your dog into a calm and relaxed companion.  This program includes 3 sessions that will set you on a great path to recondition your dog and relieve these issues.  This package is flexible to deal with a variety of problems that you need addressed; pulling, lunging, or barking on leash, reactivity towards other dogs or people, rushing the door and guests, refusal to walk on leash, jumping on counters, hyperactivity and many other behavior issues.