In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas


Sleepovers Have Never Been More Fun!

A night or more out with your best pals, and new friends you haven’t made yet?!  What could be more fun?  Swimming, playing, running and bouncing around are just some of the fun your dog will have while they stay at our home.

K9GTI boards solely for our current and past clients.  Boarding in our home means your dog will receive all the benefits of being at home, but with the fun of their days filled with play and activity to fulfill their mind! The benefits of boarding with K9GTI is boundless!  Every dog will have their own kennel and space to relax on their down time, and if they are social, they will join in with all of their friends during the social hours. There will be no sitting around in a kennel for hours on end waiting for the fun to happen with us!

If your dog isn’t social with other dogs, don’t worry!  We make sure to give plenty of individual, one-on-one time playing, running and having a good time.

$40 per day for all Dogs who can join in play groups
$50 per day for all Dogs who need let out individually

Call (520) 603-2772 for any questions about your reservation or to book your dog’s stay!

To board in our home, all dogs must be current on vaccination (Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis).  When dropping your dog off, please bring enough food for their entire stay.  Also, we do not accept any bedding, toys or food bowls. We provide everything your dog will need!