In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Racing Recallers

This 4 week class will help you teach your dog to LOVE coming back when you call them!

If you struggle with your dog listening when you call them, they get easily distracted, run out the door or run away, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Nothing is scarier than not having a dog you can trust to come back when you call them. They slip out the front door and take off down the street. Or maybe they get loose off their leash and chase the bunny through the desert.

We are here to help you put the work in and create a dog who listens when you call them, and are enthusiastic about the process!

No more stressing about the “what if’s” and only enjoying the peace of your reliably trained dog!

$175 for 4 weeks

Begins August 14th, 2019
Ends September 4th, 2019

Class times: 6:30pm – 7:30pm