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Puppy Training Tucson

New puppies should be the greatest gift ever.  When it comes to sharing your life with a new puppy, it should be joyful, easy and stress-free.  If this isn’t quite the case, and you are experiencing any of these naughty behaviors, give us a call to help get your puppy on the right track!

  • Using your house like a bathroom
  • Biting or nipping your hands, feet, clothes
  • Barking at you for attention
  • Crying in their crate throughout the night
  • Chewing everything in sight
  • Acting fearful or afraid of new people or dogs
  • Scared of loud noises, new places or weird objects
  • Destroying things in your home
  • Pulling you on a leash or won’t walk on a leash
  • Won’t listen or pay attention to commands
  • And so much more…

Our programs are created with your success in mind.  We offer One-on-One private lessons to guide you in a more personalized setting.  These classes are set up in your home to be customized, creative and fun.  We will cover a multitude of behaviors, teaching and shaping good manners, and socialization in a productive manner and a lot more.

We also offer our *NEW* Puppy Fast Track program!  This is a 2 week board and train that focuses on the things you struggle with most when it comes to your puppy; potty training, teaching your puppy to potty on command, getting your puppy to LOVE their crate, creating a solid schedule, working on relaxation techniques and teaching calm behavior, polite loose leash walking, waiting before rushing out of doors, coming when called and so much more!

This program gives you the ability to enjoy your puppy without the stress of trying to deal with these naughty behaviors on your own! Let us help you get your puppy on the Fast Track to success!

Call today to schedule your evaluation, and get your puppy started on the right paw!  Follow the PayPal link below to reserve your evaluation, then give us a call to schedule your time!

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