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Professional Education

Christopher and Brittany Brauer put an extremely high value on continuing education. Making sure they stay at the fore-front of training styles, techniques and tools is key to them providing quality training and service to clients and to the dogs they train.

Brittany Brauer’s Professional History

Seminars and Workshops:

  • Dock Diving Seminar with Lise Ann Strum – May 2016 – Cooladge, Arizona
  • The Art of Attention with Duke Ferguson – April 2016 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Rehabilitation Through Relationship with Jay Jack – April 2016 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Dealing with Difficult Dogs with Heather Beck and Jason Vasconi – March 2016 – Draper, Utah
  • Balance To a “T” with Tawni McBee – February 2016 – Mesa, Arizona
  • Bridging the Gap with Sarah Fulcher and Chad Mackin – November 2015 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Super Sniffer Medical Alert Dog Workshop with Debby Kay – August 2015 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Weekend Training Retreat with Tami McLeod and Chris Vaughn – July 2015 – Sonoita, Arizona
  • Shadow Experience with Sarah Fulcher – July 2015 – Trail, BC, Canada
  • Essential Obedience Concepts & Problem Solving with Forrest Micke – July 2015 – Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  • Education at Sea Cruise with Heather Beck – April 2015 – Sailing Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico
  • Tug, Flirt Pole & Spring Pole and Weight Pull for Relationship Development with Jay Jack – March 2015 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Cesar Millan Live! with Cesar Millan – March 2015 – Chandler, Arizona
  • Dealing with Difficult Dogs with Heather Beck – February 2015 – Draper, Utah
    • This seminar covers socialization for reactive dogs, basic to advanced leash handling, tools and techniques to create calm and confident dogs and handlers, how to build a positive foundation with the remote training collar, and more.
  • Agility and Freestyle Dancing Shadow Experience with Cyndy Douan – January 2015 – Rome, Georgia
  • Super Sniffer Medical Alert Dog Workshop with Debby Kay – January 2015 – Asheville, North Carolina
    • This seminar covers training Diabetic Alert Dogs and building a solid foundation of scent and obedience work that leads to a long and trusting working relationship.
  • Pit bulls 101 with Jay Jack – November 2014 – Ellicott City, Maryland
    • This seminar covers the history of Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting. Diving deep into the truth about the breed and the selective pressures that made them, giving understanding on how the old dog men created dog aggression, and how it can be avoided.
  • International Association of Canine Professionals – Yearly Conference – September 2014 – Alexandria, Virginia
  • Pack to Basics Advanced Socialization Solutions with Chad Mackin – September 2014 – Arnold, California
    • This seminar covers how to use the dog’s natural instincts to alleviate and in many cases cure anti-social and aggressive behavior in dogs.
  • Koehler Method of Dog Training Shadow Experience with Tony Ancheta – September 2014 – West Point, California
  • Scent Seekers Seminar with Lori Shanks – August 2014 – Gilroy, California
  • Canine Aggression with John Rogerson – July 2014 – Burlingame, California
  • Trick Dog Certification Seminar with Kyra Sundance – April 2014 – Santa Rose, California
  • Pack to Basics Dogmanship with Chad Mackin – November 2013 – Tucson, Arizona
    • This seminar covers the roots and causes of aggression (and how to relieve them), the truth about the social nature of dogs, and how it affect us, the secrets of de-stressing an anxious dog, gaining and maintaining trust, non-threatening results based handling, listening with the leash, utilizing constant communication, how dogs teach (how dogs learn), creating compliance by avoiding resistance, creating a cooperative mind (get the mind and the body follows), the most destructive and common myths about dog behavior, and using the right tool for the right job.
  • International Association of Canine Professionals – Yearly Conference – September 2013 – Hutto, Texas
  • E-Touch and Using the Retrieve to Train with Martin Deeley – May 2013 – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Pack to Basics Dogmanship with Chad Mackin – April 2013 – Tucson, Arizona
  • Obedience Intensive Course at Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers – November 2012 – Fairfield, California
  • Dealing with Difficult Dogs with Chad Mackin and Heather Beck – October 2012 – Draper, Utah
  • Advanced Obedience with Scott Mueller – May 2011 – Columbus, Ohio
  • Master Trainers Course at National K9 School for Dog Trainers – November 2008 – Columbus, Ohio

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Christopher Brauer’s Professional History

Seminars and Workshops: