In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas


K9 Guidance to Inclusion is your best friend’s best friend!  We are here to help guide you into the position to achieve phenomenal results in your dog’s behavior.  Our unique training and behavior modification solutions will empower you to change your dog’s life for the better. By guiding you, the owner, we help create a journey with your dog that ends with the kind of companionship you have been searching for. We teach you how to better the communication skills with your dog to create a conversation and not a lecture.  We embrace that every moment with your dog is a learning experience and we want to cultivate those moments into positive behaviors.


Our goal as your dog trainer is to help you, the owner, and your dog achieve balance and harmony in your relationship. The ultimate achievement in this relationship is your dog’s inclusion into your life.  We help guide you into creating and maintaining the best relationship you can possibly have.  We start by addressing how you relate to and interact with your dog.  By helping you communicate properly, we can resolve many of the issues that are hindering your full potential.  Once we’ve addressed the role you play in this picture, we then begin to address the dog.  By looking at the whole dog, we can address any areas that may need help; behavior, temperament, state of mind, health and nutrition.

  • Nutrition is an important aspect in your dog’s overall mental and physical well-being.  We must make sure your dog is at a proper weight, on a nutritionally appropriate diet and that they are eating a quality food.
  • Health concerns can play a key role in creating undesired behaviors.  If there are any health issues ailing your dog, he cannot tell us.  It will show in his behavior, and this can come out in a negative way.  By clearing or diagnosing any medical concerns, we can help set your dog on the right path.
  • An unbalanced mind can come in many forms: anxiety, hyperactive or fearful are all unhealthy ways of existing. By addressing these issues, removing the stress and clearing up our expectations, we can begin to make changes in your dogs state of mind.
  • Keying in on your dogs temperament, we can easily adapt our training methods to what your dog will respond to best.  Whether your dog is strong willed, independent, eager to please, happy go lucky or nervous, this will allow us to know what approach will be best to take.
  • The behavior of your dog is important to understand.  There are many layers that will affect the outcome of your dog’s behavior and being able to peel them away and address them individually will yield the results you are looking for.

Training Technique

One of the most unique aspects we have as a training company is our knowledge base of behavior and training. Our trainers have a vast set of skills that comes from a long line of learning multiple techniques, methods and tools. As integrative trainers, we aren’t limited to one specific way of training or methodology. We use a variety of skills learned through years of experience and continued education from top renowned trainers all over the world to customize the approach to your dog’s individual temperament and personality. We don’t offer a one size fits all training program and take pride in finding and encouraging each dog’s motivations and enjoyments. We create and cultivate a desire for training and work ethic with each dog as the unique beings that they are. Our training tool box is full of every tool out there so we can appropriately match what your dog may need at any given time.

Training Services

We offer a variety of services for training. We can customize and create training plans to fit the needs of our clients. Our dedication is to make you and your dog the happiest you can be. We specialize in:

  • basic obedience training
  • advanced obedience training
  • behavior rehabilitation
  • socialization for the behaviorally challenged dog
  • puppy training and development
  • and much more