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Adoptable Fosters

Smart Start Foster Program

K9GTI works hard every single day to serve our pet community in any way we can.  Often times, we foster for local rescues, and many times we take on fosters of our own!  This page is dedicated to those fosters who are under our care and searching for their happily-ever-after!  

Each of our fosters come already trained with the minimum of basic obedience and good manners. Their adoption comes with a lifetime of training and free boarding with us, as well as discounted dog daycare services.  There are numerous perks of adopting a foster through our Smart Start program!

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our adoptable dogs:


Milo is an incredible, approximately 3 year old, Catahoula Leopard Dog mix.  He has had a hard start in life, but is now living it up while waiting for his happily-ever-after.  Milo was pulled from PACC through Bridge Rescue and brought to K9GTI to foster and work on some manners and good behavior.  Once he started training, he was a rock star!  Milo gained numerous fans and a lot of support after people saw what he was capable of learning and doing through training.  Eventually, he was pulled into a new home on a foster-to-adopt basis.  We tried hard to keep in contact and keep the new foster/owners committed to his training, but we lost touch with them after awhile.  We heard through the grape vine that he had been bitten by a rattlesnake while in this new home.

Almost a year later, we saw Milo’s face pop up on Facebook.  The rescue was seeking a new foster home for him.  We reached out to offer our assistance and to take Milo in as a permanent foster in our Smart Start program.  After two weeks, the rescue agreed and signed him over to us.  

After Milo’s return to K9GTI, we kicked it into high gear to get this boy back into a training routine.  It was almost as though he didn’t skip a beat.  He quickly jumped right back into it and impressed us all with his skills.  While he came back to us with some unsavory behavior, he quickly let it go and returned to the sweet, goofy and active boy we once knew.  

Milo is fully obedience trained, very dog social and great with people.  He LOVES to swim, has a high toy and food drive, and would do best in a home that has plans to keep him active and mentally engaged. Milo would be a great candidate for a sport home (dock diving, agility, flyball, competitive obedience, rally).  He has the makings to be an incredible partner for a very lucky home!

His adoption fee is $125.

Check out a video of Milo in action!
Milo at the park

 Cassius (ADOPTED!!!)








Takari (ADOPTED!!!)