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Training Between The Ears Seminar

Sept 29th to Oct 1st, 2017
Tucson, AZ

Come and find out why trainers have been raving about their experience working with Mark McCabe and learning about Training Between the Ears (TBTE). Hear why this system has made their training/business more fun AND more successful for them and their students. Join us to see and learn how this gentle and simple process can transform very difficult dogs and change their relationship with their owners all while being easier for the trainers, students, and dogs.

Whether your connection to dogs involves rehabilitating rescue dogs, competing with performance dogs, helping clients with difficult dogs, or just enjoying your own pet, this discussion is for you.

Mark’s thoughtful, respectful, and innovative approach to communicating with your dog can help you eliminate the conflict in your training and relationship while getting more of the behavior you want and less of the behavior you don’t. This approach creates a close, trusting, and enjoyable relationship for both the dog and their people.

Have you heard of and wanted to know more about Kayce Cover’s work creating SATS (Syn Alia Training Systems), Bridge and Target, Perception Modification or Conditioned Relaxation? As one of the world’s few Level 3 certified trainers in SATS Perception Modification and Bridge and Target, Mark will share what these tools are and can help you understand why these tools and others have been credited with helping to solve some of the most challenging of problems and do so in a way that is truly transformative to dogs and their quality of life.

Mark will show you how to directly teach a dog the kind of behavior we want such as how to relax, how to greet guests calmly, and how to make better choices without the very indirect tools of obedience so often used in training. We’ll explore concepts such as: why does a dog need to sit when greeting people if it can be perfectly well-behaved doing natural behavior; how to teach a dog to choose a highly desirable behavior on its own with great reliability and without intervention or direction from its owners, and; why do dogs need to “go to place” when they can easily learn to be a calm, involved member of the family when new people come in the home?

Mark’s approach is of value to all dogs but especially those which have been hard to reach, those which are reactive, aggressive, hyper-intense, highly anxious, or fearful. His focus is on understanding and valuing the internal state of the animal and actually changing how the animal feels about people, other animals and things in its environment, not just on its external behavior.

For more information and workshop specifics contact us at or

Continental breakfast, snacks and full lunch served daily to maximize our training opportunties, no need for a long lunch break to leave the building and find lunch.

Cost: Early bird (by Aug 28th, 2017) $490, Regular registration $590

We offer payment plans.We can offer the seminar cost in 4 easy payments of $122.50 for earlybird registration (or $147.50 for regular registration). All payments are non refundable but are useable for any future TBTE events or can be transfered to another person. For $120-150 down there is no reason not to boost your income and your confidence with difficult dogs right now!

There are no extra charges for “working slots” for our workshops, everyone will have a chance to work with the TBTE techniques both through human and dog centered exercises.

Participants may bring one dog for the workshop but the purpose of the workshop is to train people, not to fix any one dog. The dogs are there to facilitate the human learning. We will have space indoors for 14 dogs, and it is on a first come, first register basis, so only bring a dog if you are comfortable with A) Registering early to secure an indoor kennel B) Maintaining the dog safely and comfortably in your vehicle and C) The fact that we may not be able to work with each and every dog, either due to time, space, safety concerns or the dog not being appropriate to the work we are doing. Feel free to contact Mark directly through with any questions regarding dogs, or Brittany at


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