In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Introduction & Advanced Canine Conditioning Seminar

Join K9 Guidance To Inclusion in welcoming Kathy Childers with her 2 day Introduction and Advanced Canine Conditioning seminar.

Learn about your dog’s structure and how to analyze for areas of focus to help prevent injury.
● Learn the importance of general husbandry to your dog’s health, and longevity.
● Plan a proper warm up, and cool down for training, and competitions.
● Teach your dog conditioning foundations, with correct form, and improve strength even without special
● Learn how to use conditioning equipment. with an emphasis on safety, to maximize results.
● Learn exercises to improve your dog’s body awareness, balance, flexibility, mobility and muscular strength, as
well as performance.
● Learn how a conditioning program provides mental stimulation, can strengthen your bond, and increase your
dog’s confidence.
● Understand how to build a conditioning program, that includes the use of stability equipment.
● Understand the role of cardio conditioning in your training program.
● Learn how to plan a progressive conditioning program for your dogs, and how to fit it into your busy life.
● Advanced work with using more equipment, getting a full workout by combining exercises
● Working on the planes of movement
● Cavaletti work

Equipment will be available for purchase by preorder for a 5% discount, saving on the cost of shipping. The equipment purchased will be lightly used during the seminar and then participants can take it home.

About Kathy Childers Hahn: With a background in weight training, running, and triathlon, Kathy’s interest in canine conditioning formed while watching, and training in, various canine sports. Dogs, like human athletes, need the same considerations for preparing their bodies for the rigors of their sports. Her training in canine conditioning started with a 24‐week program under Debbie
Torraca (Gross). Kathy is a FitPaws Master Trainer, training directly under Kerry Fisher, DVM CCRP, and Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, MTI, Cert CF. She is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, through the University of Tennessee. Her focus on conditioning is helping the sport team thrive by enhancing their relationship, with a focus on setting safe, attainable goals, and staying observant to the dog, to maximize success, and minimize risk of injury.

In addition to her training in canine conditioning, she has trained with nationally recognized expert instructors including Michael Ellis, Trish King, Andrew Ramsey and Mark McCabe. Her experience with these professionals have honed her skills in working with dogs of all types, and temperaments, as well as exposed her to the gamut of dog sports. She currently competes in obedience, and nosework, and acts as support crew/conditioning coach to Belgian Malinois Ruger, who competes in Dock Diving.

Working spots: $350 (only 10 spots available)
Audit spots: $275