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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work with Cyndy Douan

Are you a dog trainer? Do you want to increase engagement between your clients and their dogs? This workshop is a MUST.
Who: Cyndy Douan. Founding member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. IACP Hall of Fame member. Champion titles in many dog sports including Dock Diving, Disc Dog, Flyball, and Agility.
What: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work workshop. Helping professional dog trainers strengthen the owner/dog bond through games, group class exercises, and drive fulfillment.
Where: Tucson, Arizona
When: December 809, 2018

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with Cyndy Douan, MHDL, PDTI

Two day seminar- $329.00 per person

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For twenty-eight years now, Cyndy Douan, has walked the long journey of understanding dogs and people in an attempt to provide the best ways to teach and instruct them.  Her journey has crossed through many methods of training and over more than 10 different dog sports. This incredible journey has allowed Cyndy opportunities to have countless training mentors across a wide range of training expectations and she has spent thousands of hours of quality time with thousands of dog and handler teams from across the country and all over the world.  The perspectives are fascinating and the insights illuminating!

3 things separating Behavior Theory and Cognitive Theory that every trainer needs to know!

5 Most useful psychology concepts to help your clients excel in your training programs.

4 ways to overcome your aversions to the types of dogs you dread training.

4 of the most useful exercises that inspire teamwork between dog and handler.

Suppression vs. Channeling and why both are valuable to professional  trainers.

How to balance your balance in training without tipping the scales.

7 truths competitors know about training behavior for permanence.

3 ways to create a world champion mindset in any dog.

5 ways you change clients lives by introducing them to dog sports.

3 types of problem dogs that are fixed through meaningful work.

5 signs that your training is inspiring a team mentality with a dog.

7 ways to return to a stronger partnership after a failure.

5 ways to manage the stress of moving out of comfort zones, for you & your clients.

5 ways to simplify your training curriculums to improve understanding & cooperation.

Explore cultural differences in training approaches and mentalities: an international perspective.

Truly understand the purpose of a dog, and how to make that purpose a fit for your clients.