In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Learn Your Dog with Jay Jack

December 9th – 10th, 2017
Tucson, AZ
This will discuss the concept or addressing foundation training through game play. These games will develop relationship, as well as skills that you will use to navigate the world. This training is fun, and fair. It is biologically fulfilling, and emotionally uplifting. There will be games with toys, food, leashes, harnesses, and yourself. This foundation program will give your dog biological fulfillment. And, it will give both of you the skills to handle life. IF there are any issues that remain after you finish your foundation…. The relationship and skills you make through these games, will help carry you through that rehab process. Yes, training like this is fun. And…. It works.
Learn Your Dog is for teams who already have a grasp of the material in the Play as the Way workshop. Whether it is from attending a workshop, or working with a trainer that understands the concept. In this workshop we will work with different teams to handle their specific issues/goals. This may mean trouble shooting one of their foundation skills. Going into advanced versions of them, like advanced toys, and sports Poles, and Spring Poles. Wall Climb and Weight Pull. This is also where the unique rehab drills can be done. Faith In Handler. Trust Obstacles. Empowered Desensitization. Etc…. Because of this, every seminar will be different. As every team will be dealing with unique and specific things. No two will ever cover the exact same material.
Working Spots: $300
Audit Spots: $200