In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

They teach you confidence in yourself in regards to being a dog handler

dog-training-south-tucsonWow where to honestly can’t get any better than k9 gti. Originally coming here and not knowing anyone, they instantly welcome you, and make you feel right at home. Upon the first meeting with them, they give you an extremely detailed breakdown of their training programs, and even let us see one of their own dogs, indie, who gave me a solid baseline of what to expect out of our training “boot camp”. Now the boot camp is in parenthesis because in my opinion, it’s so much more than that.

The training they provide is more like sending your dog to Harvard. They teach and grow with your dog, and help them not only become better educated animals, but to think confidently on their own. Each week as the transitional lessons progressed, I would catch my dog (Apollo) completely ignoring the things that used to scare, upset, and intimidate him. Not because they specifically targeted his fears, but because they taught him to think, and learn, and he outgrew his fears with trust. He was no longer affected by loud noises, other dogs passing by, doors opening and closing, and every day things that normally cause curiosity. He genuinely learned to not care for them as much. They not only teach your animal how to be great, but they teach you as well.

I had no idea, before I went to GTI that I was giving my dog as many mixed signals, when it came to training, or walking, that my body language and behavior was almost constantly setting my dog up for failure. They teach you confidence in yourself in regards to being a dog handler, and are there every step of the way to provide, not only world class dog training, but great hospitality, and great relationships between its staff and the animals. Absolutely would recommend. You guys did great.
Thanks again!
Kesten Accomando
(Tucson, AZ)