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Alaska and Lulu can now walk calmly at our side…

Siberian Husky Dog Training Tucson AZWe want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Christopher & Brittany for all of the wonderful work they devoted to our fur babies Alaska & Lulu over the past two months. Alaska (5 years) and Lulu (4 years) are Siberian Huskies we have had since little puppies. Both had significant anxiety and separation issues, pulled on the leash like a train while screeching and jumping on each other, were displaying neurotic repetitive behaviors like pawing at the sofa and pulling on our clothes, refusing eyedrops, screaming in their crates, and overall worsening behavior since we did not know how to handle them to help them.

The situation was so bad we were unable to walk them outside because of the uncontrollable pulling and hyperactivity. Thankfully they did not have aggression issues towards people or dogs, so we were able to take them to the dog park for exercise & socialization. Unfortunately not all dogs at the park are without aggression issues, and Alaska was attacked by a very vicious dog and needed surgery. That was the last resort. We would no longer take our dogs to the dog park and potentially put them in harms way. But we felt awful and guilty about not being able to get them outside on the leash to allow them the mental & physical exercise they clearly need. We spent a lot of time researching trainers and considering a board and train program.

Because it is a large financial investment for us right now, we hesitated as we were worried sending them away might somehow upset them even more, or wondered if their behavior was so intense that even a professional trainer might not be able to create real significant changes. After watching many videos and reading client testimonials on the K9 Guidance to Inclusion website, we brought Alaska & Lulu to meet with Christopher & Brittany at an initial free consultation. They were very thorough in describing the board & train program and setting our expectations. We felt very comfortable with them and were very impressed with their techniques and own super well-behaved pack of dogs. They alleviated many of our concerns and assured us that Alaska & Lulu would do great with training. Christopher even began working with Alaska at the consultation to help her calm down. There were no high pressure sales tactics or inflated promises, just a real down to earth couple we found very relatable. We decided to take a leap of faith and put our trust in Christopher & Brittany. And we are now happy to report that was an EXCELLENT DECISION!

Christopher & Brittany performed a MIRACLE with Alaska & Lulu! We really appreciate the results-based approach of the board & train program, meaning there is not a set time limit on the program since all dogs have different issues to work on and learn at their individual pace. Private lessons were also included to help us and our dogs transition from Christopher & Brittany back to us, teaching us how to continue their success once back home. Both Christopher & Brittany are very patient, kind, thorough, and lovely people. Alaska and Lulu can now walk calmly at our side on a joint walk, or separately. That accomplishment alone has made a MONUMENTAL difference in their well being, and our sanity!

They also sit on command, remain in place/stay despite distractions, play more appropriately, give eye contact and listen intently, and take their eye drops without a tantrum. Alaska & Lulu also enjoyed the daily social activities with the other doggy students such as swimming and trampoline. They are happier mentally and physically since being able to enjoy more exercise, and are benefiting greatly from the structure and leadership we have learned from Christopher & Brittany. We also really enjoyed the daily photo and video updates on their Facebook page, and were satisfied with their communication via text messaging and phone calls to schedule lessons as needed. We are super proud of Alaska & Lulu, and SO THANKFUL to Christopher & Brittany!!!!! What amazing people, with both dogs and their owners! We would definitely recommend K9 Guidance to Inclusion to anyone at any time. We are so relieved we made the LIFE CHANGING decision to contact K9 Guidance to Inclusion! We did not receive anything for writing this review, it’s our genuine experience. FIVE STARS!!! Thank you!!!! -S.S. May 13th, 2016