In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

We look forward to a long association with you

“Having a disability is hard enough. It makes you emotional, frustrated, and sometimes angry dog Training Sahuarita, AZhaving to live with so much physical pain. When doctors don’t have the answer, and have difficulty helping you, then you look for ways to make your life more sustainable, more comfortable, and easier to cope with your limitations. That’s when I called Brittany and left a message. Within just a few minutes she returned my call.

Brittany was just what I needed; she was reassuring, empathic, kind, and informative. She didn’t promise anything except to come to our home and evaluate Max, our 2 year old German Sheppard. Max is very calm and laid back and even the foster person from the organization we’d adopted him from the year before agreed with us that he’d be a wonderful Service Dog. After Brittany met him she agreed too. Max and I look forward to Brittany’s weekly visits. Not only is Brittany patient, positive, and affirming with Max, but she is the same way at the other end of the leash with the one (me) who isn’t as quick as Max to learn.

After each lesson Brittany spends time chatting with my husband and me. I know she’s busy, but she gives of her time to two seniors who adore her youth, vitality, energy, and talent. And just plain adore her! We feel we’re getting to know her fairly well and there isn’t much we wouldn’t do in return to thank her for what she is doing for us. She gives of herself, beyond what she earns as a trainer, which by the way she is absolutely amazing at her job. Brittany, thank you. We look forward to a long association with you and recommend that anyone who is looking for the services of a trainer, look no further than Brittany Robinson.” – B.I. Sahuarita, AZ.