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He is simply the best

Pit Bull Dog Training Tuscon, AZ“I have been working with Christopher Brauer since November. I rescued a 7 year old pit bull from the NYCACC who suffers from severe, debilitating anxiety that was escalating into behaviors that were concerning, particularly around men. Upon evaluation by another trainer, it was suggested that this girl would likely not rehabilitate and may be best to PTS. I was not having that and in came Christopher whose work has been nothing short of miraculous.

My girl is a happy, well balanced, trusting girl because of him. His patience, understanding and dedication is unlike any trainer I have worked with and I could not recommend him any more highly than I do. He is simply the best and to go with another is a huge mistake. Happy to speak to anyone as a reference because I truly think that his techniques can mean the difference between life and death from some animals who are struggling and need our help to lead happy, peaceful lives.” – J.H.S. New Jersey