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She’s no longer skittish

cane corso dog training Tucson AZ“Pearl is my 7 month old cane corso. In case you’re not familiar with the breeds’ temperament, they are a LOT of dog. Every morning I would get up unsure if it was gonna be me or pearl who won that day. I’d look her in the eyes and think, “am I gonna have to break your spirit again today?” She’d look back at me and convey, “you want me to do what? What’s in it for me?”

I came to Brittany and Christopher through a recommendation from my original trainer. I wanted them to help Pearl out of her “dog aggressive” behavior that seemed to develop overnight. I considered giving her away…. no one wants a 100# guard dog who’s a jerk. Upon meeting pearl, of course they immediately recognized the root of her problems and developed a plan to rehabilitate her. She was fearful and lacked confidence and it was affecting all aspects of her behavior. She went to the K9GTI board and train when she was just 6 months old and stayed for almost a month. They had her mingling with 8-20 dogs in just a few days. And it wasn’t just her dog-to-dog behavior that changed. Since being home she hasn’t once chewed the drywall, chewed the dining room chairs, or chewed anything else of value. Cars can go by us on a walk and she’s no longer skittish. She was nearly transformed. She’s much more stable and so much nicer to spend time with.

She’s still a can of guard dog whoop-ass, but now her behaviors come from a much more balanced and secure place. And she’s just as loving as the day I picked her up. They helped pearl to keep all the good stuff, while curbing the bad. I am so very grateful for all the time they spent on pearl. Come to their continued education classes and you can see for yourself.” – S.H. Tucson, AZ