In-Home Based Training
Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Now we get compliments everywhere we go…

dog-training-tucsonBrittany, Christopher, and Britt are amazing trainers! When I first took Tyrion to K9GTI he never obeyed commands, he had zero attention span, dragged me on a leash, and barked at every person or dog that passed by. I had bruises all down my legs from how hard he would jump on me – constantly wanting attention. I couldn’t take him out to even dog friendly stores because he was so energetic and I couldn’t calm him down. He had previously been returned to his foster home 3 times for being “untrainable” and I was starting to see why.

Brittany convinced me to put Tyrion into their results based board and train program. He was there for 9 weeks and they worked on his leash behavior, his focus, basic commands, and turning his energy on and off at appropriate times. After the 9 weeks Tyrion came back better than ever! Yes, he’s a 10 month old puppy so he still has spurts of energy and naughtiness but these moments are few and far between compared to before. He is a much better listener and absolutely loves the twice daily train-feed sessions we have learned to do with him. He has been following his commands and he has even learned several tricks! He picks up everything so quickly and is such a smart dog.

When he is on his transitional he walks so nicely on the leash – we get compliments everywhere we go about his behavior. We now can take him on hikes, to friends’ houses, I’ve even taken him to work! He is amazing in his crate and even likes going in there! He sleeps in it for 8-9 hours without a peep. Yes, he’s still his spunky self but he definitely has an off switch and we could not be more thankful to K9GTI. We continue to send Tyrion there for boarding when we travel and daycare every week and it is his second home. I would not trust anywhere else in Tucson with the care of my dog. Tyrion is untrainable no longer!

– Molly Simon