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We are 100% satisfied with our dogs’ results

australian-shepherd-lab-dog-trainingWe have two dogs, Ellie and Rex. Ellie is our 3 year old kelpie/Australian shepherd mix who is energetic, sassy, and fearful of new people and kids. Rex is our 1 year old scaredy cat, lab/pit mix that was literally scared of pretty much all things; cars, people, kids, noises, the vacuum, and he wouldn’t even leave the house. Bribing him to get into the car was a chore. We are an active family and like to include our dogs in whatever we do. However, with two fearful dogs, it was getting very difficult and stressful for all of us.

We decided that we needed some professional training for our dogs (and us too). We met with multiple dog trainers in the area for evaluations, and when we met with K9GTI, we automatically knew that Brittany and Christopher were the right choice. We were drawn to their overall knowledge of dogs, their results-based training program, and passion towards their careers. Together, we decided that board and train would be the best option for our dogs. Ellie went through 7 ½ weeks of training and we were so impressed with her results! We took her on a month long road trip right away and she did amazing! She was able to meet new people without a fear reaction and even would approach children willingly. Multiple people had commented on how she was calmer than before. Rex required more work and training because his fear was so deeply rooted. He ended up in training 18 weeks and it was so worth it.

He still has fear, but is able to deal with it much better and is making choices on his own. He even learned to swim and we have recently got him into dock diving, which he absolutely loves. None of this would have been possible without Brittany and Christopher and their commitment to our dogs. We are forever thankful for them and what they have done for our dogs’ lives. We are 100% satisfied with our dogs’ results. My husband and I would highly recommend K9GTI to anyone looking for any kind of training for their dogs.

-Candace Scarpelli 09/11/2016