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Puppy Potential Workshop

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What is the Puppy Potential Workshop?

Join the fun, learning and interactive experience through hands-on training during the Puppy Potential Workshop!

This workshop is unlike any out there! Puppy Potential takes you into a deep weekend full of learning from neonatal through 6 months of age. Turn your puppy into a thinking and active partner, engaging their seeking system and appetitive responses! Turning the appropriate dials from this early age is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent unwanted behavior as adult dogs.

Be prepared to learn detailed information on how genetics can influence behavior, and how weeks 0 to 9 are some of the most critical in developing a stable, confident and well-rounded puppy. From there, we jump into how to capitalize on that solid foundation and raise and train a puppy from 2 to 6 months.

Day 1 will cover, in great detail, Bethany Tracy’s incredibly solid puppy raising and socialization program. As a responsible and dedicated breeder and trainer of many years, Bethany has developed a puppy rearing program unlike any other! She will share with you how to whelp, raise, train and socialize litters to give them the absolute best start in life possible!

Be prepared to work with at least one litter of puppies during the seminar. We will be covering temperament testing for evaluating and showcasing each puppy’s potential. We will also be working with the litter on certain handling and training exercises that will prepare them for life in their new homes.

Day 2 and 3 will jump from the neonatal stages into life after the puppy has transitioned into their new home, ages 9 weeks to 6 months. Over these two days, you will learn how to engage your puppy on a much deeper level than basic training covers. You will learn how to create an active and eager training partner, one who chooses good behavior, because they want to. You will learn relaxation techniques that are paramount in creating a puppy who is a joy to live with. You will learn how to create engagement, willingness and resilience. You will learn how to teach a recall that creates an internal emotional response of excitement and anticipation inside of the puppy. You will learn so much about how a puppy thinks and feels that training will become easy and fun! Plus, a whole lot more!

Each day, we will also be covering and holding off leash puppy socialization groups, showing you how to run a class, read a situation and when and how to intervene to create the most success and appropriate interactions possible!

Each topic will be covered in detail from potty training to confidence building, preventing and stopping play biting, prevention of bad and dangerous habits like chewing, jumping, eating inedible objects, etc. We will cover creating a solid schedule for puppies, building reliability with freedom, attention and engagement to handler, solid and fun obedience, handling and nutrition and so much more.

We also focus heavily on how to earn more income from creating solid training programs that focus on puppies, from group classes, board and trains, day training and socialization classes!

This workshop will benefit breeders, veterinarians, dog owners, rescues and fosters, dog trainers and pet sitters!

You are more than welcome to bring a pup with you (8 to 10 weeks minimum age, no older than 6 months), but bringing a puppy is NOT required.